Maldives is one of the most popular and exotic holiday destinations, which gives you an enthralling experience. With the Maldives packages, you can spend one of your best times in the Maldives. With 99% ocean and only 1% land, Maldives is an island in the Indian Ocean. With the best packages, you can enjoy your holidays with your loved ones differently than ever. Be it a family trip or a romantic couple's Honeymoon, we ensure that your Maldives tour is full of exciting offers, discounts, and, most importantly, fun. Our packages are well known for offering unique experiences and adventures larger than life itself. While residing in Maldives, you can indulge in a lot of fun and thrilling experience while staying in this heaven on earth. 

Maldives tour packages are carefully curated vacation packages that offer travelers a complete and hassle-free experience of the Maldives. These packages typically include accommodation, airport transfers, meals, and activities, providing a convenient and cost-effective way for travelers to enjoy this tropical paradise destination.

Maldives tourism gives you a chance to soak in the beauty of this fantastic island. With this, you get everything on hand without any difficulties.

Maldives tour packages cater to a range of preferences and budgets, from budget-friendly options to luxury packages that offer the ultimate in indulgence and relaxation. Activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, island hopping, and cultural tours are often included in these packages, allowing travelers to fully immerse themselves in the beauty and culture of the Maldives.

Maldives is a fantastic planet with flawless tropical encompasses, stunning seashores, an all-year sunny climate, and exotic beaches and resorts. Book your Maldives honeymoon package with us for your extra romantic vacation. You can also customize your packages according to your comfort. 

The Maldives is home to spectacular architecture and beaches and is ranked as one of the best holiday destinations in the world. If you are an adventure lover, Maldives is your perfect destination with various water sports and adventurous activities. We have a fantastic range of Maldives packages from India to give the best holiday experience. 

The Maldives is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and abundant marine life, making it a popular destination for honeymooners, couples, and families seeking a relaxing and indulgent vacation. Maldives tour packages provide a hassle-free way for travelers to experience the beauty and culture of this paradise destination, making it easier to plan and budget for their vacation. With a range of packages available, travelers can choose the perfect package to suit their preferences and budget, ensuring a memorable and stress-free vacation experience.

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Raaya By Atmosphere - Tour

Raaya By Atmosphere

  • 4 Nights 5 Days
  • 45 mins by Seaplane
₹ 266,000View Details
Jawakara Islands Maldives - Tour

Jawakara Islands Maldives

  • 3 Nights 4 Days
  • 40 mins by Seaplane
₹ 202,000View Details
Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa - Tour

Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa

  • 3 Nights 4 Days
  • 20 mins by Speedboat
₹ 282,000View Details
Oaga Art Resort - Tour

Oaga Art Resort

  • 4 Nights 5 Days
  • 45 mins by Speedboat
₹ 270,000View Details
Hotel RIU Palace Maldivas - Tour

Hotel RIU Palace Maldivas

  • 3 Nights 4 Days
  • 60 mins by Flight + Speedboat
₹ 185,000View Details
Joy Island Maldives - Tour

Joy Island Maldives

  • 3 Nights 4 Days
  • 40 mins by Speedboat
₹ 142,000View Details
NOOE Maldives - Tour

NOOE Maldives

  • 3 Nights 4 Days
  • 60 mins by Speedboat
₹ 154,000View Details
Dusit Thani Maldives - Tour

Dusit Thani Maldives

  • 4 Nights 5 Days
  • 35 mins by Seaplane
₹ 332,000View Details
Taj Exotica, Maldives - Tour

Taj Exotica, Maldives

  • 3 Nights 4 Days
  • 20 mins by Seaplane
₹ 215,000View Details

Places to Visit in Maldives

Maldives offers you to visit some of the most famous attractions of Maldives. The Maldives, which includes 1200 islands and 26 atolls, is endowed with immense natural beauty and a breathtaking landscape, enticing visitors from across the globe. Maldives is undoubtedly a paradise on earth with its unique islands, blue seas, white-sand beaches, and many other amenities.

Most famous attractions of Maldives:

  1. Maafushi Island: The must-visit place in Maldives is Maafushi island; you need to visit here to make sure your trip to Maldives is complete. This place is hidden inside the Southern Male Atoll and is known for its serenity and peace. Being one of the best local islands in the Maldives, this place is best for relaxing and enjoying every bit of your life. 

  2. National Museum: Th next thing on the Maldives tour package bucket list is the National Museum of Maldives. This museum is home to many historical artifacts, which helps you to get an idea of Maldivian history. There is a lot of thing in the museum that will gain your attraction, like the royal antiques of the Buddhists, the costumes of the Islamic eras, and the ornaments of former kings and queens. 

  3. Banana Reef: This island is home to world-class services and astounding resorts on the water. One of the biggest attractions in this area, Banana Reef, has long served as a lodging for visitors. The area's beaches are immaculate and ideal for participating in various water-based activities, which persuades travelers to book Banana Reef Maldives Packages. One may also jet ski on the coral reef and take in the stunning marine life since coral reefs surround the area.

  4. HP Reef: Located in the North Male Atoll, HP Reef is amongst the most beautiful diving sites in the Maldives. Here, the whole seabed is covered with a variety of vibrant corals. Here you can see blue, orange, and yellow corals. Whips, sea fans, gorgonians, and grey reef sharks are also found here. 

  5. Sun Island: Covered by the green ecosystem, Sun island is also among the most famous tourists location in the Maldives. This place is home to many beautiful beaches and adventurous activities. You can find luxurious resorts that offer herbal spas and salt baths here. The adventure and serene beauty of this place make Sun island one of the favourite tourist spots. 

Dishes to Try in Maldives Tourism: 

  1. Maldivian Live Lobster: One of the fantastic and most incredible things to try in the Maldives is the Maldivian Live Lobster. The lobster is cooked alive in front of you. You can enjoy the lobster melting in your mouth, leaving a sweet taste. 

  2. Mas Huni: One of Maldives' fantastic and mouth-watering delicacies is the Mas Huni. Mas Huni is the shredded smoked tuna served with grated coconuts, lemons and onions. Mainly it is served for breakfast; the locals here eat Mas Huni with the traditional Maldivian chapati known as Roshi. You should add this dish to your bucket list and try it at least once for its fantastic taste. 

  3. Masroshi: Made with stuffed and fried dough, Masroshi is a traditional Maldivian snack. Masroshi is very much similar to chapati or flatbread. It is stuffed with smoked and shredded tuna and grated coconut. Many restaurants and local food stalls add curry leaves and spices to give them a unique taste. 

  4. Guha: The famous and most popular evening snack in the Maldives is Gulha. Filled with smoked and shredded tuna, Gulha is a small dumpling sauteed with grated coconuts, onions, and chillies. Guha is most often served with tea or coffee. You should add Gulha to your Maldives trip to make it more exciting and adventurous. 

  5. Bis Keemiya: Bis Keemiya is a unique blend between samosa and spring rolls. It is filled with different types of ingredients and spices. This pastry has a natural flavour and tastes thanks to the tuna, hard-boiled egg, sliced onions, shredded and fried cabbage, and spices.

Different Types of Resorts in Maldives

With around 100 Maldives islands accommodating tourists and more than 1000 hotels scattered across the country, selecting a hotel in Maldives can take time and effort. 

Since you will spend all your time on a single island, choosing the right hotel matters the most whether you're on a family vacation, Honeymoon, or traveling solo.

A Maldivian resort is not a resort if no water villas exist. Fortunately, the majority of resorts provide stunning water villas in the Maldives with luxury experiences that are so lavish and private that you may never want to leave your comfy resort.

Therefore, to help you enjoy your Maldives trip, we've shortlisted some fantastic hotels ready to greet you with a warm welcome.

Family Friendly Resorts

Visiting the Maldives with kids could be one of the most incredible experiences a family could have, and there are plenty of family-friendly Maldives resorts. Once known for only honeymooners, the Maldives is now a must-visit destination for families. 

Especially with kids-centric adjustments like kids club, customizable eatery options, and many activities, your kids will fall in love after visiting. So let's start with the most popular family resort that is well-known for its luxury.

1. Meeru Island Resort

Meeru Island Resort is an excellent alternative for families travelling to the Maldives. This 221-room facility, surrounded by the seemingly perfect sea bodies of the Northern Noonu Atoll, offers some of the most fantastic resort services in the Maldives. This outstanding value-for-money resort is a great option if you want to save money while having an excellent vacation.

Your family can indulge in fun activities with 2 pools, a PADI dive centre, and the largest spa in the country at Meeru resort. Featuring a slick design, massive family villas, complete with private pools, upper sundecks, and direct beach access, are some of the key attractions of this beautiful resort.

2. Niyama Private Islands Maldives Resort

Offering more flexible approaches to tropical island luxuries, this all-inclusive 5-star luxury resort offers luxurious island homes for couples and families in the Maldives. It is located on Dhaalu Atoll, one of the most preferred Maldives resorts for families to visit, away from Male.

At two kilometers in length, this resort is a large island compared to other resorts in the Maldives. Families love to enjoy the stress-free environment at every part of this resort, which makes it a no-fuss beach vacation place for everyone.

Hotels For Couples In Maldives

If you pick a hotel located on a remote island, several hours of drive to your hotel will exhaust you and your partner, leaving no time for relaxation. 

For a shorter vacation, opt for a hotel as close as possible to the Maldives airport since it will save you both money and time. We've chosen two popular hotels with affordable Maldives honeymoon packages in this category to help you have a great time with your loved one.

1. Milaidhoo Maldives

The resort features 77 luxury-appointed private villas, all featuring distinct modern design schemes inspired by the Maldives' natural materials and color palettes. On the tiny yet stunningly scenic Millaidhoo Island, located in North Male Atoll, couples enjoy crystal lagoons and chic hotel facilities and the vibes at this adults-only resort.

2. Hurawalhi Island Resort

Add a customary dash of barefoot luxury at Hurawalhi Island Resort, and you have one of the best Maldives couples resorts. With lavish dining at its private sandy bars, tropical sunset-bedecked weddings or vow renewal ceremonies, and underwater dining experiences that are as exotic as they are delicious and luxurious, this resort is a paradise for couples in the Maldives.

Best Resorts For Solo-Travelers

The Maldives, located approx 600 miles southwest of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean, has some of the most excellent beaches in the world. This lovely island country has enticing possibilities for solo travelers.

They are, without a doubt, ready to spoil every visitor with a feast of pristine waters, palm-fringed islands, and Maldives tourism hospitality in the form of resort-based vacations. And we've hand-picked two of such gorgeous resorts for your next solo adventure.

1. Gili Lankanfushi

Traditionally considered a romantic destination for honeymooners and couples, Gili Lankanfushi, a luxury Maldivian eco-resort, provides single travelers with the chance to meet new friends and share experiences with like-minded travelers.

With a series of group activities, including yoga in the morning in an open-air yoga studio, excursions into the ocean, and weekly group dinner clubs at the island's underground wine cellar, your trip will turn into an unforgettable experience for sure!

2. Soneva Jani

Soneva Jani Resort is three and a half miles away at Medhufaru, from the beach-fringed island on the Noonu Atoll, and a 45-minute seaplane ride from Male. Meaning you can enjoy the splendid views of the Maldives on your way to the resort.

With a magnificent lagoon, an outstanding in-house coral reef, and a vast expanse of white-sand beaches teeming with friendly guests, this resort provides a rich atmosphere conducive to delight, self-reflection, and enlightenment moments.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Maldivian Resort

  • Go through the offered amenities, as you may not have access to amenities on the other islands.

  • Generally, there are no public transfers available the only option is either via ferries or scheduled seaplanes that go in and out of resorts. So It is recommended that you select a resort that offers transfers to and from the resort.

  • Always check the resort's official website to avail ongoing discount offers and enjoy extra benefits.

  • Pre-plan your activities for optimum utilization of your time.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are finding a Maldives package from India or deciding what Maldives resort you will book, it is best to look at what kind of accommodations they offer. 

The options are varied in the Maldives, but eventually, you will find a resort that meets your expectations. If you wish to be 100% dependent on what they offer during your stay, we suggest going through the amenities offered to ensure your trip will be completed without many resources.